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World Language Teachers

Samantha Baas - Spanish - High School

Jessica Hannan - German - High School

Melissa Martinez - French - High School

Lydia Menio - Spanish - High School


Sarah Carver - French - High School and Middle School

Zoraida Jiménez - Spanish - Middle School

Elizabeth Smith - German - Middle School


World Language Courses


Introductory Spanish 7

Introductory Spanish 8

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Spanish V - AP


Introductory German7

Introductory German8

German I

German II

German III

German IV

German V - AP


Introductory French 7

Introductory French 8

French I

French II

French III

French IV

French V - AP


Course Descriptions

about 1 year ago

The mission of the Bangor Area School District Community in the area of world languages is to develop the four language skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking, and to provide exposure to enhance the appreciation of world cultures.


Introductory French (7, 8)

Introductory French is a quarter-course that begins basic instruction in the French language. The focus is on fundamental skill-building, conversation, and sentence structure. In addition, typical aspects of French culture are investigated and experienced.

French I (8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

This basic introduction to the French language and culture teaches students to speak French and converse in French with classmates. After simple grammatical forms and vocabulary are introduced, students begin to read short stories in French, and to increase their knowledge of geography of French-speaking countries.

French II (9, 10, 11, 12)

Students continue their study of French with emphasis on speaking and communicating. Grammar is studied in depth; reading and writing skills in French are expanded. Short stories in French are read and discussed. (Prerequisite: grade of 75 or better in French I)

French III (10, 11, 12)

French III emphasizes reading and writing the foreign language. Students read several French novels and discuss them in class and review grammar that was introduced in French I and French II. Emphasis is on oral communication. (Prerequisite: grade of 80 or better in French II)


French IV (11, 12)

The objective of French IV is to improve the skills needed for reading and speaking French. Students read and discuss French history and articles from current French newspapers. Advanced grammar is discussed as the need arises. (Prerequisite: grade of 85 or better in French III)


French V AP (12)

The French Advanced Placement curriculum is the emphasis of this course with preparation for the AP exam. AP recommended novels are read and AP vocabulary is practiced. There is also extensive use of tapes for AP directed responses. Preparation also is completed for the SAT II French exam. (Prerequisite: French IV and teacher's recommendation)



Introductory German (7, 8)

Introductory German is a quarter-course that begins basic instruction in the German language. The focus is on fundamental skill-building, conversation, and sentence structure. In addition, typical aspects of German culture are investigated and experienced.


German I (8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Students are introduced to culture and geography of German-speaking countries while developing beginning skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis is given on vocabulary building and basic grammar rules.


German II (9, 10, 11, 12)

All skills from Level I are reviewed, expanded, and used to develop grade level writing assignments. Conversation skills are practiced with paired activities. A short book will be read which gives practice in answering content questions and increases vocabulary. (Prerequisite: grade of 75 or better in German I)

German III (10, 11, 12)

Listening skills are given special emphasis with tapes and videos. Short stories and selections on German culture and history expand reading skills. Discussion and activities from readings increase writing and speaking abilities. All major grammar issues are covered. (Prerequisite: grade of 80 or better in German II)

German IV (11, 12)

All material from previous levels will be reviewed, refined, and expanded. Special emphasis will be given to sentence structure in writing and speaking. Students will read several short stories from contemporary German authors and be able to discuss ideas and opinions. (Prerequisite: grade of 85 or better in German III)


German V AP (12)

This level will prepare the student to take the Advanced Placement exam and the SAT II for German. All grammar will be reviewed. In writing, special emphasis is placed on idiomatic usage and sentence structure. Readings will include more non-fiction selections and reflect current topics. Speaking and listening activiites will make extensive use of cassette tapes and computer CD's. (Prerequisite: German IV and teacher's recommendation)



Introductory Spanish (7, 8)

Introductory Spanish is a quarter-course that begins basic instruction in the Spanish language. The focus is on fundamental skill-building, conversation, and sentence structure. In addition, typical aspects of Hispanic culture are investigated and experienced

Spanish I (8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

The four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are taught with emphasis on oral communication. Basic vocabulary, grammatical structures, and pronunciation are emphasized. The students also are introduced to the culture and geography of Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish II (9, 10, 11, 12) 

Students will continue to practice the four language skills with emphasis on oral communication. Vocabulary building and study of grammar are expanded to enable the student to converse naturally in Spanish. Reading and writing skills are expanded, and geography and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries are introduced. (Prerequisite: grade of 75 or better in Spanish I)

Spanish III (10, 11, 12)

All four areas of language learning again will be practiced with emphasis on reading and writing. Students will be introduced to the works of several Spanish authors through reading, discussing, and writing about them in Spanish. Vocabulary and verb tenses will be expanded, and grammar studied in Spanish I and II will be reviewed. (Prerequisite: grade of 80 or better in Spanish II)

Spanish IV (11, 12)

Reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish will be expanded through the study of Spanish and Mexican history and Latin American literature. Grammar studied in previous courses will be reviewed. (Prerequisite: grade of 85 or better in Spanish III)

Spanish V AP (12)

This course is the study of college level language and literature and often is used by colleges for placement purposes. The Abriendo Paso program by Jose M. Diaz provides advanced students with the guidance they need to continue discovering, learning, and using the language in meaningful, creative, and engaging contexts. The program also strongly develops the student's proficiency in the four skill areas, by using higher order thinking skills and critical thinking. (Prerequisite: Spanish IVand teacher's recommendation)