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Vision Statement
Vision Statement
All students in the Bangor Area High School will learn, show school pride, and develop personal and civic responsibility while preparing for post-secondary outcomes. Students will graduate from Bangor Area High School ready for college and/or career opportunities

Devin Labar - Nov '19 Slater Standout

3 months ago

Mr. Devin Labar has worked in the district for 11 years. His peers value how he volunteers to complete extra duties. For instance, he has stayed after scheduled hours on multiple occasions to support school events such as celebrating a school championship to ensure a quality event for our students. This is just one of the many ways he goes above and beyond his job responsibilities. He has also acted as head custodian in multiple buildings when needed—he volunteers himself to do this. Finally, Mr. Labar presents a positive attitude when coming to work even amid obstacles and is a positive, helpful team player that the district appreciates and values

Lydia Menio - Nov '19 Slater Standout

3 months ago

Mrs. Lydia Menio has worked in our district for 18 years as a Spanish Teacher in the Bangor Area SD. She is the acting supervisor to Spanish Honor Society and was a member of the technology committee that helped implement iPads into our high school. Her peers value how she always has something for her department for the monthly newsletter, consider her to be well-read, and state that she is constantly helpful to teachers from other departments regarding theory and practice of education. Moreover, she organizes and includes herself in formal and informal events including operation graduation wherein she has helped tremendously with this very popular program for our Seniors on the night of graduation. Mrs. Menio also goes out of her way to help students, staff, and administrators in any way that she can. Finally, she does not ask for reciprocation.


5 months ago

Mrs. Camilletti, Attendance

610-599-7011 ext. 4

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Welcoming Committee
Welcoming Committee
The High School Marching Band, Teachers, and Administrators greeted students to their first day of school.


4 months ago



187 Five Points Richmond Road - Bangor, PA  18013

Phone:  610-599-7011


(just press the number below as soon as the message starts)

2. Athletics 

3. Guidance

4. Attendance

5. Nurse

9. Dial by Name

Welcome to the High School Principal's Office

Mr. Alan Munford, Principal -

Mr. Andrew Krohn, Assistant Principal Grades 11 & 12 -

Mr. Matthew Wehr, Assistant Principal Grades 9 & 10 -

Mrs. Allison Tucker, Assistant Principal B.A.S.E Program -

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Mrs. Dinese Gerhart, Secretary, ext. 1810 -

Mrs. Robin Rogers, Secretary, ext. 1000 -

Mrs. Theresa Camilletti, Attendance, ext. 1820 -

Mrs. Sherry Diorio, Gudance Secretary, ext. 1830 -

Mrs. Cheryl Pulsinelli, Athletic Secretary, ext. 1112 -

FAX:  Main Office or Attendance,  610-599-7043

FAX:  Guidance or Nurse,  610-599-7039

FAX:  Athletics,  610-599-7034