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Parking Permit Info

10 months ago

Driving to school for any purpose is a privilege, not a right.  Like any privilege, parking permits may be revoked upon the discretion of school authorities, this includes being tardy 4 times per marking period.

To apply students must:

1. Be a Senior or Junior

2. Have a driver's license

3. Have all fines/obligations paid in full

4. Seniors must have a completed Jr. year physical on file in the nurse's office

5. Supply current copies of their license, car registration and car insurance

6. Pay a $10 application fee

To print a parking permit application click here.  Applications are due back to the school completed by August 18th.  Permits will then be available to pick up in the Security office according to the following schedule:

Aug. 21st - Seniors can pick up their permits

Aug. 22nd - Juniors can pick up their permits